Mechelen vs Gent – Daily Football Tips – 22/05/2021

Mechelen vs Gent Tip
Mechelen vs Gent Tip

Mechelen vs Gent 22/05/2021 Tip

Mechelen vs Gent 22/05/2021 – this match will take place at TBD Stadium. So far, these teams have played 11 matches, where Mechelen have won 2 matches, Gent 4, while only 5 ended in a draw between them. The last match they’ve played ended with the result: Mechelen 2-0 Gent. 

Which team will score first? What result can we expect in this Pro League match? Find all the stats and predictions in this tip!

Pre-Match Statistics – Mechelen vs Gent

Pre-Match Statistics – YR KV Mechelen vs KAA Gent – When it comes to their last 5 matches, Mechelen have won 4 and drawn 1, while Gent have won 3, lost 1, and drawn 1. Both clubs, Mechelen and Gent have 42% overall wins. Mechelen is better in terms of average points per match, since they’ve managed to pick up 3.34, while Gent have picked up 2.92 so far. 

Goals Scored – Mechelen and Gent 

Goals Scored – Mechelen vs Gent: When it comes to goal scoring, KV Mechelen have an advantage, being +20% better than their opponents. Mechelen’s average goal score per home match is 1.95, while Gent’s score per away match is an average of 1.63.  If you are betting on over 0.5 goals, odds are: 

Number of Corners – Mechelen & Gent 

Number of Corners – Mechelen & Gent – The average corner kicks per match between KV Mechelen and Kaa Gent is an average of 8.84 per match. If you’d like to know how many corner kicks there will be, it’s probably gonna be over 6. 

Number of Cards – Mechelen vs Gent 

Number of Cards – Mechelen vs Gent: The average sum of bookings per match between KV Mechelen and KAA Gent is 4.47. There’re 82% chances that there will be over 2.5 cards in this match. 55% chances are that there will be over 3.5. Nevertheless if you like to play safe, go with the first option. 

Top Scorers – KV Mechelen vs KAA Gent 

Top Scorers of KV Mechelen and KAA Gent: The best Mechelen players of 2020/21 season are Nikola Storm (11), Igor Alberto Rinck de Camargo (9), while the Top Scorers of KAA Gent are Roman Yaremchuk (19), and Tarik Tissoudali (12). These are the players who have the most chances to score in this long-awaited match.

Head-to-head Record – Mechelen vs Gent 

  • 1st-Mechelen vs Gent: 2-2
  • 2nd-Mechelen vs Gent: 1-1
  • 3rd-Mechelen vs Gent: 0-1
  • 4th-Mechelen vs Gent: 0-3
  • 5th-Mechelen vs Gent: 0-3

Head-to-head record of KV Mechelen and KAA Gent – Out of their last 11 matches, KV mechelen have managed to win 2, KAA Gent 4, while 5 matches between them have ended in a draw. 

Based on their H2H history and all the pre-match stats, we have prepared you our prediction for final score, goal scorers, and the odds! 

Our Prediction for this Match 

  • Three way: 2 – 2,04 (odd: 2,04)
  • KAA Gent & 0-1 (odd: 11,0)
  • Double chance and total: 12 & 0-1

Mechelen is +4% better in terms of Points Per Match. Out of their last 5 home matches, KV Mechelen is unbeaten, having won 3 and drawn 2 matches. On the other side, KAA Gent have only won 2, lost 2, and drawn 1 away match. 


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